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Brands I have worked for either as freelancer or as employee

eBay logo
eBay Enterprise

Operations Manager

Microsoft logo

Digital Operations Manager, Europe, Wunderman

Siemens logo

Web manager, Siemens Real Estate, Siemens Gigaset

Apple logo

Webmaster, and

Ford logo

Closed deal, jump-started off-shoring digital production

Bontia logo

Web manager, e-shop, redesign, SEO, localization

Slovnaft logo

Marketing coordinator, retail, wholesale, loyalty program

AAA Auto logo
AAA Auto

Web manager, SEO, UX, campaigns    

Young & Rubicam logo

Preparation of client pitch materials for digital services

Profimed logo

UX and SEO consulting in early phases of portal redesign

Gigaset logo
Siemens Gigaset

product manager, websites, POS, partners, product testing

Feedo logo

CMO, responsible for all marketing activities in accordance to set KPIs    

Wunderman logo

Digital Operations Manager, client Microsoft    



Esther Schorr

Microsoft Western Europe

Esther Schorr

"I had the opportunity to work with Martin as part of a multi-faceted team that supports Microsoft's Western Europe markets with digital communications, web production and marketing expertise. Martin led a team of web production experts that I depended on for delivering and maintaining a wide variety of website assets.
Martin was an incredible partner and advisor! Technical depth combined with excellent team management abilities, I always felt that having Martin assess project needs along with me and develop sound solutions was always going to be result in a satisfied client. Easy to work with, able to translate technical specifications and parameters in non-technical language, and an incredibly high standard of professionalism are Martin's strengths. I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again anytime!"

Erik Verheyden

Microsoft Digital Lead

Erik Verheyden

"I had the pleasure to work with Martin to facilitate the execution of a variety of digital marketing projects for 12 Western-European countries on, in the past year. Next to proactive communication skills, a high service level and an always on-time delivery, you need expert people that master the key capabilities to get the job done at the end of the day (editing, creating, production, tagging, SEO, publishing, optimizing, etc.). But not only "just that". In a complex and continuously evolving regional and global environment with inherent challenges, you need people who are able to co-think, push back, propose alternatives and most importantly ... think beyond project management. Martin is "all that"

Jana Romanová

Marketing Communication Manager
Siemens Real Estate

Jana Romanová

"I worked with Martin on diverse marketing on-line projects at Siemens Real Estate based in Munich.
Martin has not only a hands-on approach and pays attention to detail, but also has good communication and trouble-shooting skills.
I strongly recommend Martin to work for your company. I am confident he´ll be an excellent project leader with a great sense of humor and a grounded discernment for all given tasks and duties."

About me - experience

I am a problem solver. I deliver online solutions. Be it development of websites, regional campaigns launches, user testing, conversion optimization or strategy. You name it, I solve it.

14+ years experience in online

I started as Webmaster, moved to Marketing coordinator, Web manager, Product manager and recently left Digital Operations Manager position at Wunderman - one of the biggest online agency in the world.
I worked for SMB and corporate clients and supported some of the best known brands in the world (Microsoft, Ford, Siemens, Apple...)
For details, see my full resume on LinkedIn 

Online Project Management

Lean, Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Six sigma. PM is my specialty. I have managed small (3-5) and larger teams (up to 30 employees / freelancers) always delivering the best quality, on time and on budget. My approach is pragmatic and holistic. I am detail oriented while being able to prioritize effectively in fast changing environments. 

Online Marketing

PPC, Display and Content networks, Video and mobile advertising, Remarketing, Programatic buying, RTB, Affilite, Price and product aggregators. Those are the means leading to more relevant traffic and inevitably to higher profits when handled properly and ideally on the bases of mid-to-long term strategy. 

Web development

HTML(5), CSS(3), PHP, ASP, SQL, Responsive, API. Websites, applications, web-desing, visually pleasing and uncluttered, clean source code, fast speed of loading. Although coding is still fun I usually reach out to the list of proven and reliable contacts that I have accumulated over the years. 


Analytics, SEO, Conversion optimization, UX, User testing, A/B testing, Multi-variable testing, Funnel streamlining, Customer lifetime value, Engagement. Those are just a few buzzwords that make up the rich world of making websites better, faster and more profitable. 


WordPress, custom PHP framework, apps, CSP. I have worked with all sorts of (sometimes proprietary) systems and can adapt quite easily. My philosophy is to choose the right tool for the job. Such decisions are mostly driven by processes and largely depend on complexity. 

e Shop

AAA Auto, Feedo, Bontia, ProfiMed, Siemens Gigaset are among the most interesting examples of e-shops I worked on. Nowadays I focus mainly on UX, optimizing conversion rate and ROI from online marketing efforts. 

Social media

Applications using API and Social listening platforms are helping businesses to better understand their customers and respond to their needs in much shorter time-frame. I am particularly interested in the analytics, segmentation and integration within company systems. 


Martin Dobrý


P: 724 272 046

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